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ROOF - cycle across Europe!

Time: 17 Apr - 15 May, 2019

Representative in Sweden: Föreningen Framtidståget

Main organizer: Association Link (Altamura, Italy)

Financing: co-financed by Erasmus + 

Description of the project:

Föreningen Framtidståget is looking for 5 young people between 18 and 30 who live in Sweden to join the project “ROOF: Routes of Our Future”. You will be part of a group of 80 young people who will travel across Europe by bike for a month and they will gather in Prague for a final meeting with people from all over Europe. The project will take place between April 17 and May 15, 2019. The Swedish participants, together with participants from Germany, Croatia and Hungary, will travel from Malmö to Prague mostly by bike. Some part of the journey also includes train rides and a van will follow the participants throughout the way. Throughout this period, participants will stay in group accommodations, dormitories or shared rooms (you will never have to sleep outside).

About the project:

The title of the project is an acronym: ROOF (Routes Of Our Future). It is a title that symbolically refers to Europe as the common roof under which citizens have decided to live together in peace and respect for diversity; at the same time the road and the path that the participants will make cycling throughout Europe symbolically recalls that European citizens and institutions still have to struggle to overcome divisions, selfishness and misunderstandings. The project aims to gather citizens' opinions on the future of the European Union, create new networks and reinforce existing ones. Besides cycling, the participants will take part in activities related to these themes. Every two or three days there will be stops in the municipalities crossed along the path with the organization of minimum 3 events with local communities per exchange (students, associations, local communities, public bodies and political decision-makers) to stimulate debates and urge participation in the forthcoming European elections.

The project consists of the following stages:

  • 17 April - 8 May 2019, European bicycle exchange: cycling from Malmö to Prague (between 50 and 90 km of cycling per day, with some rest days)

  • 9-15 May 2019, Europe Day: 5-day international meeting in Prague

Conditions of participation:

  • Age: between 18 and 30 years old

  • Reside in Sweden

  • Biking skills, love sport

  • Basic knowledge of English

  • Have an open mind

  • Bikes will be provided by the organization, accommodation and food costs are covered by the organizers, while travel costs will be reimbursed up to 80%. Furthermore, Föreningen Framtidståget is willing to help you with travel costs.


How to participate: fill in the application form under this link


17/04 - Arrival day in Malmö

18/04 - Malmö

19/04 - Malmö - Helsingborg (70 km)

20/04 - Helsingborg

21/04 - Helsingborg - Kopenhagen (51 km)

22/04 - Kopenhagen - Haslev (65 km)

23/04 - Haslev - Gedser (98 km)

24/04 - Gedser - Krakow am See (60 km)

25/04 - Krakow am See - Neustrelitz (72 km)

26/04 - Neustrelitz

27/04 - Neustrelitz - Oranienburg (92 km)

28/04 - Oranienburg

29/04 - Oranienburg - Berlin (36 km)

30/04 - 1/05 - Berlin

2/05 - Berlin - Baruth/Mark (73 km)

3/05 - Baruth/Mark - Wittenberg (64 km)

4/05 - Wittenberg - Mühlberg/Elbe (80 km)

5/05 - Mühlberg/Elbe - Dresden (70 km)

6/05 - Dresden - Usti nad Labem (61 km)

7/05 - Usti nad Labem- Theresienstadt (25 km)

8/05 - Theresienstadt - Prague (65 km)

9-14/05 - Prague

Total kilometers: 982

If you have any questions, please contact

Anas Haouat, Project Manager

Föreningen Framtidståget

Earlier Event: April 15
Later Event: June 18
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