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Facilitate Faith - Training Course in Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia

Facilitate Faith - Training Course in Serbia

Time: 27 Oct - 4 Nov 2018

Representative in Sweden: Föreningen Framtidståget, Stockholm

Main organizer: NGO “IUVENTA”, Serbia

Financing: Erasmus+ Grant Programme by European Commission

Description of the training-course:

High-quality facilitation is vital for a project success. For many trainers and youth workers, interreligious dialogue is not the most comfortable topic to work with. When we are talking about education in contact with religion, educators often worry about offending someone or favoring a belief for that matter. Addressing religion, especially when it comes to non formal education, is essential for learning, and can adequately provide youngsters with a diverse connection to the world. When dealing with a highly sensitive topic, as interreligious dialogue, especially with young people involved, tools to use for this are very limited. Lack of educational methods and concrete tools is a clear sign how much interreligious dialogue is an somewhat avoided topic, but we are all aware how much is needed for ultimately achieving peace. This training for beginner trainers and facilitators has the main aim to equip participants with knowledge, methods and new tools, needed for the proper education of youth on the topic of religion and interreligious dialogue, in order to improve the level ofeducation and further promotion of peace, active participation, as well as interreligious and intercultural dialogue in Europe

Our goal: To introduce new practical tools for interreligious dialogue (board games, cards, etc.)

  • To be able to discuss and teach about religion in an unbiased and academically correct way.

  • To develop competences of youth workers, leaders and trainers needed for working in intercultural and interreligious European societies.

  • To understand and facilitate individual and group learning process, with special focus on interreligious dialogue.

  • To provide knowledge and useful tips when it comes to planning and implementing programs for non-formal education activities.

  • To foster quality improvements in youth work – the project will develop capacities of youth organisations to tackle interreligious dialogue and religious based issues

  • To be able to use a programme in participants further activities on interfaith dialogue, by this raising the quality of projects implemented within Erasmus + programme.

Deadline for Applying : 1st october

How to participate: Fill in the application form under this link, write a Motivation Letter and send it to this email:

Participants’ profile:

- Youth workers, youth leaders, trainers and facilitators familiar with IRD concept who :

  • Have had international experience in the youth work field with a function of responsibility (not only as a participant) – organizing international youth projects, leading a youth exchange, mentoring EVS volunteers, etc.

  • Have the potential and need to develop training competencies and act after the course as a trainer for European Erasmus+ projects and on local level

  • Willing to develop their competencies in the field of interreligious dialogue and share their knowledge, skills, and experiences with other participants;

  • Would like to get practical and theoretical knowledge, how to use Interreligious dialogue in their work;

  • Are able to communicate in English (The official language of the training course will be English).

  • Are at least 24-25 years old;

  • Should be motivated to be fully involved in preparation process (homework’s) and attend at the complete duration of the training course.

  • Should be motivated to take part in after training phase (evaluation, self-assessment, etc.).

If you have any questions, please contact:

Anas Haouat - Project Coordinator

+46 (0) 73-687 99 75

Föreningen Framtidståget

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