Every year Framtidståget organizes various leisure activities and education courses for our clients and members. We are also very active in the international level and have good experience in Erasmus+  program.

The Erasmus+ program aims to boost skills and employability , as well as modernizing Education, Training, and Youth work. Erasmus+ provides opportunities for over 4 million participants to study, gain work experience and volunteer abroad.

Activities we provide

  • voluntary service in Sweden and abroad (e.g. Morocco) - EVS
  • international youth exchanges
  • international training/networking for youth workers
  • project trips
  • sport as a tool for social integration
  • humanitarian work
  • local seminars
  • support of branch organization in Morocco

Youth exchanges

Youth exchanges allow groups of young people (aged 13 to 30) from different countries to meet and live together for up to 21 days. During the youth exchange participants work together on a chosen topic through a mix of workshops, exercises, debates, role-plays, simulations, outdoor activities etc. designed and prepared by them before the exchange.

Training and networking for youth workers

This activity supports the professional development of youth workers when they take part in seminars, training courses, contact-making events and study visits.

Volunteer work

This activity allows young people aged 18-30 to take part in unpaid and full-time voluntary service for up to 12 months in another country within or outside the European Union. Young volunteers are given the opportunity to contribute to the daily work of organizations and bring community benefit, as well as develop their own skills. Framtidståget hosts volunteers from different countries and  sends participants to Morocco.

Project trips

Every year Framtidståget not only organizes different kinds of mobility of youth workers, but also sends members to participate in projects in different countries.

Sport as a tool for social integration

Framtidståget tries to promote healthy lifestyle among youngsters and also, we use sport as a tool for social integration. We organize sports camps in Morocco and have founded a football school there.

Humanitarian work

We try to collect clothes, food, money, books and other essential household things for Morocco.

Local seminars

Framtidståget organizes seminars and courses on psycho-social  work, integration etc. for our members.

Support of branch organization

We support project and humanitarian work of our branch organization “ATAL - Train of Future - Larache”, Morocco.