Brave New World - not by Thomas Pychon

So I've spent some days in Dilijan, Armenia. What have I been doing there?

I've travelled a lot and I have met a lot of people trying to find something but I've never tried discovering my past, present and future.

That's what I've been doing in Armenia.

MANTRA, a training course by #ArmenianProgressiveYouth and #Framtidståget created to teach youth workers about yoga, meditation, self care and themselves.

I've learn about the nervous system, pranayama, active listening, resourcing, meditation, safety, acceptance, interpersonal relationships, equality, human rights, yoga, the importance of a smile, vulnerability, emotion and countless more things that'll follow me a lifetime.

Before I came I thought I found safety in myself and others, that I knew so much and that I could just play past my troubles and waltz on to reach my goals and create my own achievements. But I had no idea who I was, I had no touch with my emotions, I had no idea how to listen and what value you can get out of it, I had no idea about how cool you look when you lift your leg up to inhumanly flexible levels.

MANTRA taught me that happiness, safety, acceptance and strength all comes from inside. That maybe I wasnt without emotion but just didnt understand them, that maybe its not wrong to be vulnerable or to be myself.

One day we set goals for what we wanted to achieve, I decided to write "Find a way to express my feelings and feel real human contact." A nearly unreachable goal I thought. I had no idea how or where to start. Two days later on my last night thanks to the people I met and the acceptance I found I truly felt like and since feel like I've reached my goal.

And i'm not going to lie, some days the emotions were so strong I entered fight or flight and my natural response was to escape the situation. But when I apologized for leaving the session and spending some time in the quiet our amazing guides and teachers told me "You're here now".

I might have faltered a bit on the noble eightfold path, but that didn't stop me from reaching my personal idea of enlightenment.

My seven chakras are aligned and i'm in a constant state of flow, I think they got stuck that way when I saw your smile.

ROOF helped me understand my potential, Tales for a Better Europe helped me figure out my skills and MANTRA made me flourish.

I used to preach a lot but now instead I have learnt to listen and I practice what I preach.

Thank you all for the valueable, transformative, powerful, incredible and nourishing experience. It was exactly what I needed.

Thank you to the European Union, Erasmus+, Armenian Progressive Youth, STEGA and Framtidståget for the blessing I've recieved.

Article written by Erik Sternälv. The original post can be found on his facebook.