What is peace to you?

This was the warm-up question that opened up the project called “Peace Puzzles” in beautiful and peaceful Sweden. This project was provided by the help of ERASMUS+ foundation. The purpose was to share participants awareness of lack of violence.

In theory, peace is defined as an absence of war or any conflict. It can be described also as a concept of societal friendship.

But is it really just like that? What if we introduce you difference between negative and positive peace? What if I tell you that there is inner and outer peace? And what if we express and see the peace only through the violence? There are too many answers (and the correct one!) and too many questions. Personally, we foundpeace in that kind of situation when you can wake up in the morning and go to a Pakistani shop for a croissant. When you can read news without judging and being bullied. When you can hug someone not for a reason of loosing that person but out of pure love and careness. It is all like buying a baguette, reading a New York Times magazine and having a friend from Argentina, Poland or Greece.

Peace is a personal thing. You can also connect one ‘peace’ with others. Actually, it is your own interpretation of such a word but everyone can connect his inner peace with non-violence inside ourselves. It is up to you how are you gonna deal with this phenomena - are you looking for inner or outer, international peace? So, what is peace for you?

Article written by participants on the Erasmus+ Training Course “Peace Puzzle” that took place in Hellasgården, on 7 - 15 August 2019.