Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "ECOoperation"

Why am I with Framtidstaget  ? Because the Cooperation between young people in projects that works towards sustainability is a must and I believe In a democratic Europe, that's why I embrace Erasmus + projects.

ECOoperation is all we need nowadays and here I am in this projects to learn more tools to help the world be a better place.

The experience is being great, because I met people from different cultures: Italy, France, Turkey, Romania and Sweden. We made a cultural exchange, learnt about their habits, language, politics, the way their country deals with Environment, we are having lots of fun and learning so many other things, because that's what youth exchanges is all About! Diversity, cultural exchange, get out of comfort zone and be immersed in a new adventure.

I learned too many different topics about Cooperation and Sustainability - Ecology and I was able to make a workshop about zero waste (for the 3rd time). 🚯

I am particularly happy to see the big effort Framtidståget is doing to make everything being aligned with the real purpose of the project. 

I would like to thank my sending organisation Inspira Juventude for this amazing opportunity, I was able to be with old friends and meet new ones from my hometown. We are having such great time! 

Mariana from Portugal